Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mr. Chicken and the neighborhood continued.

DMCandGeocache 002 Well, here’s one way to transport Mr. Chicken.

DMCandGeocache 003

Little mini gym are everywhere you can imagine.
DMCandGeocache 007 

DMCandGeocache 019

We found a little geocache in the stone wall.

DMCandGeocache 023 DMCandGeocache 026 DMCandGeocache 025 DMCandGeocache 024

Digital Media City

Here’s our neighborhood.  Guess who’s eating more than the other? 

DMCVille 005

The war memorial museum.

DMCVille 009

Here’s a pet bunny.  He appeared quite loved by his family.

DMCVille 046

Ermalyn brought them to the Seoul Tower.  When I asked Cameron about his night, he said “it was colorful”.

DMCVille 042 

Sunday afternoon relaxing n our neighborhood.

DMCVille 049 DMCVille 050

Mommy bought Cam and Jaz both a kite. They were excited for thier fist kite flying experience.

DMCVille 051 DMCVille 052

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dongdaemun and Namdaemun

The shopping really is mind boggeling here.  We attempted to the night market last night, but everything was shutting down.  I guess so the merchants could go and sleep.  The market is cheaper at night from 10:00 pm – 5:30 am.  Well, I’ll have to go to bed early one of these nights so I can do the midnight shopping special.

Here’s the hair accessory aisle.  The ladies make the stuff right there and we squeeze past the aisles to shop.  The real deals are to be found between 10:00 pm – 3:00 am.

Shopping 005

Need a good book?

Shopping 006

The Cheonggyecheon Stream.  Formerly where the ladies washed their clothes, but now a nice walkway along a stream that goes through the city.

Dondaemon 005

Doota Retail store.  the mannequins are in the middle of a water fountain.  Tomorrow’s fashion to be found everywhere.

Dondaemon 008

You can even get custom made shoes just for your feet.Dondaemon 009

A little entertainment to lure the shoppers in.

Dondaemon 010

Jonathon is feeling like a lottery winner.  Just getting a little cash for the nanny.  She likes to be paid once a month.  And we have no other way to pay her but cash.

Dondaemon 015 

My current shoe collection. Taking advantage of the winter clearance sales.  I’m sure I’ll can’t wait to buy the spring collection.

Dondaemon 017

Off Sinchon for a night cap.  We tried to go to the Oregon Trail bar, but it was too full.

Dondaemon 013

So we found another smoky as all get out bar and had a beer.  Where were the kids?  Next post!  They were with the nanny seeing the night lights of the N. Seoul Tower where we had date night last week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jasmine’s new Hanbok

Oh how she loves her new hanbok!

FishMarketandHonbak 021

She was also delighted to visit the fish market.

FishMarketandHonbak 001 FishMarketandHonbak 003

Yummi Crab.

FishMarketandHonbak 004

Making friends at the fruit market.FishMarketandHonbak 006

Cameron is just happy to find another playground.FishMarketandHonbak 007 FishMarketandHonbak 017 FishMarketandHonbak 015

Taekwondo Korean style!

Cameron met his master today.  I think he really liked it!

TaeKwonDo 004 TaeKwonDo 003TaeKwonDo 020 TaeKwonDo 017 TaeKwonDo 021 TaeKwonDo 022 TaeKwonDo 024

Jasmine was his cheerleader.

TaeKwonDo 025

Monday, April 19, 2010

The journey to work. Here’s our commute (all 1.5 hours of it one way). Unless Jonathon goes to Samsung, then it’s 2.5 hrs.


JonathonKoreaPics 001

the 10th floor elevator.

JonathonKoreaPics 002

World Cup Stadium is our subwaystop.

 JonathonKoreaPics 009 JonathonKoreaPics 010

going down to the subway

JonathonKoreaPics 011

World Cup Stadium

JonathonKoreaPics 012 JonathonKoreaPics 014 JonathonKoreaPics 015 JonathonKoreaPics 016 JonathonKoreaPics 018 JonathonKoreaPics 019 JonathonKoreaPics 006

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How are the kids you may wonder?

Oh just fine.   We have found many playgrounds.

Korea 005

 Korea 006Korea 003

Korea 007 Korea 001

And dog shoes to watch

Korea 014

There’s always horse and carrage to play.

OutingwithMJ 001 

And parks to hike up to, with the little help of a friend. ES giving Cameron a ride and MJ in front.

OutingwithMJ 008

Their new best friend Sun Gin.

OutingwithMJ 011

And they love not having to ride in a car seat!  Oh that will be one culture shock upon return to the US.

OutingwithMJ 014

Date night at the N. Seoul Tower

We had a wonderful date night last night at the N. Seoul Tower.  The view was fantastic, the company was great, and although the food was good, it was majorly overpriced!  But we enjoyed our date.  A bottle of Shiraz wine, which cost $8.00 at home was about $75!!!  Come one!  We noticed a grammer error on the menu too. It said scallops for appetizer, but they should have said scallop.  As in 1 scallop for the appetizer! We laughed about the lack of food.  Can you guess by now it was a French restaurant?  Ah well, like I said we had a great time and the view was incredible.

First we had to walk up to the cable car.  This cracked us up.

NSeoulTower 001

It was a long journey to get there.  First the cable car.

NSeoulTower 005

NSeoulTower 009

Followed by a yummie dinner.  We felt like we were on top of the world and away from it all.

NSeoulTower 010

And we were!NSeoulTower 016

The tunnel of love….

NSeoulTower 022

Followed by the locks of love…NSeoulTower 030


NSeoulTower 029

NSeoulTower 036 NSeoulTower 042NSeoulTower 043 NSeoulTower 037

NSeoulTower 045

That’s the moon below his foot.

NSeoulTower 053

This was the beacon, sort of like the paul revere ride.  When a fire was burning, the enemies were coming.

NSeoulTower 057 

This one’s for you Guido.

NSeoulTower 064

Ah we love date night. Can’t wait until next Saturday night!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Cheong Gye Cheon and the night market

We had a nice time when Eric visited us MJ watched the kids at here house all night, so we could go out and have some fun!

The Cheonggycheon river goes through the city.  We also went to the night market and walked around all night long until 2:00 am!

SeoulandEric 082 SeoulandEric 074 SeoulandEric 062 SeoulandEric 060

They have some really cool buildings here.

SeoulandEric 066

And very interesting shopping.  My favorite is the shoes!

SeoulandEric 063 SeoulandEric 068 SeoulandEric 069

There are lots of temples here and the city is getting ready for the Buddha’s birthday festival.

SeoulandEric 050 SeoulandEric 051 SeoulandEric 052

I bought 11 pairs of shoes in 2 days.  I couldn’t help myself! They are so cheap!

JonathonKoreaPics 027 LotteWorld 056

Gyeongbokgung Palace

History of Geongbokgung Palace.  In 1395, three years after the founding of the Joseon Dynasty by Yi Seong-gye the new main palace, Gyeongbokgung, was completed and the capital of the new dynasty was moved from Gaeseong to Seoul.   The palace was destroyed by fire during the Japanese invasion of 1592 and was not reconstructed until 1868, the fifth year of King Gojong.  During the Japanese occupation, most of the palace was torn down, only a few buildings were left standing.  An effort to fully restore Gyeongbokgung to its forer glorty has been ongoing since 1990.  At this point 50% of the structures have been restored.

Here’s the palace and the guards watching over it. The kids were a little uncomfortable with the swords, bows and arrows and other weapons.

Insa-dong 051 Insa-dong 052 Insa-dong 054

Insa-dong 059

This is the only picture of the 5 mountains and two moons.  It’s where the King conducted his official business.

JonathonKoreaPics 106 JonathonKoreaPics 105 JonathonKoreaPics 125  JonathonKoreaPics 130 JonathonKoreaPics 131

JonathonKoreaPics 102 JonathonKoreaPics 153

Here’s the national folk museum with a free childrens museum of activities the kids can do like they did way back then.  Grinding food, ironing clothes, and even dressing up.

Insa-dong 061 JonathonKoreaPics 143 JonathonKoreaPics 147JonathonKoreaPics 150 JonathonKoreaPics 148 JonathonKoreaPics 152

Eric and Jonathon’s night out on the town. The theme was laughing at all the funny signs.

The nightlife is absolutely crazy here.  Millions of people out and about all night long.  Let’s see, we have the Swetty bar, Cocks, the Ho Bar, the sexy bar, and a million more bars with hilarious names. 

JonathonKoreaPics 021

JonathonKoreaPics 023 JonathonKoreaPics 024 JonathonKoreaPics 022

JonathonKoreaPics 025 JonathonKoreaPics 032

And yummie munchies everywhere.

JonathonKoreaPics 087


Here’s where we can finally see fellow foreigners.  This is the area where the traditional Korean crafts can be found.  Jasmine got to paint daddy a mug with a little help from Erica.

Insa-dong 016

Insa-dong 019

the art work is everywhere and so interesting. 

Insa-dong 013

Yummie yummie lunch time.  Jasmine is the more curious one when it comes to food.  Octopus, squid, anchovies with the head on. I love how open minded she is with food.  Cameron, however, just eats rice rice and more rice.  Then he’ll have rice with his rice.

Insa-dong 029

Then there’s my attempt at Korean cooking.  The supermarkets are so intimidating!  I don’t know what to buy or how to cook it! 

DMC 029

Every Korean meal comes with many side dishes.  I’m actually liking the food very much.  Hot and spicy and just very different.



Pictures of Bukhansan Mountain climb

Enjoying some free tea at the temple.

SeoulandEric 005 SeoulandEric 009  SeoulandEric 002 SeoulandEric 011 SeoulandEric 034

Here was our final destination.  Our 2 hour ‘walk’ turned into a 4 hour hike.  It was a little bit hard for Erica and I as we did not wear the right shoes, but we did just fine!

SeoulandEric 038 SeoulandEric 028

Bukhansan National Park

We had a nice hike up Bukhansan Mountain.  We were expecting a 2 hour walk, and not a 4 hour hike up a montain.  Next time we’ll dress a little more approprately.  But my boots and Eric’s work shoes did the trick.  We got many stares as everyone here dresses exactly alike when hiking a mountian.  Fancy gortex, fancy hiking pants, a walking stick and formal hiking shoes.  It was a very beautiful hike and granite is the dominant stone here.

Digital Media City

Here’s a few pictures of our neighborhood.  They are currently in a major building spree.  In 2015, you will hear about DMC as they open the worlds tallest observation deck and the 2nd world’s tallest building.

This city also has a reputation for having the worlds longest art gallery, which is all around the future buildings about to be built.  Here’s a few of my favorites.  I’m curious about so many cat art work because so far I’ve only seen 1 cat in the agriculture market (probably to catch the mice at night) and 2 cats at our neighbor’s house, which they brought with them from the US.  Koreans are not so much into their pets.  I do see more dogs than cats though.  Animals are not a big part of their lives.

I’ve never seen more fish (dead and alive) in my life though.  Everywhere you go restaurants have live fish and octopus living in a tank until there time has come. 

DMC 001 DMC 002

DMC 005 DMC 006 DMC 007
We live right near World Cup Stadium.  If you’re a soccer fan, I suspect you know this place.  They also have a really big park next to it.  Very nice place to relax.

DMC 012

Erica to the rescue!  Erica is a friend of our co-worker and she helped me out the 2nd week we were here.  She was such a delight to get to know and I really enjoyed her company.  She helped me get around the first week and helped me navigate the supermarkets, agriculture hall and the bus system. 

DMC 024 DMC 018

Fishing on the Han River.

DMC 014

Stature in our neighborhood.  Tonight we learned it lights up at night.

DMC 010

The buildings here are so cool and modern.

DMC 008

The Seoul Train

Stature of the Great King Sejong.

CherryBlossoms 010

Yeouido Park, the central park of Seoul. I’ve been in many big cities before, but the feng shui of Seoul makes city life actually quite nice.  It’s its the cleanest city I’ve ever seen and also the most orderly.  I’m not fond of being bumped into all the time and was surprised at watching a man clock Cameron in the head as he cut him off and didn’t even “notice”.  But for the 2nd largest metropolitan city in the world, it’s a pretty darn nice place to live.

CherryBlossoms 003CherryBlossoms 023

The charry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous!

CherryBlossoms 024 CherryBlossoms 015 CherryBlossoms 028

CherryBlossoms 032

Ok kids, come on.  Well, this poise led me to me taking away the playground down the walkway.  Cameron cried and cried because I said no playground after he would not cooperate for a picture.  The problem with that is that every time he cries, people come out of the woodwork to give him candy, shower him with affection and attention.  So the lesson he’s learning is cry and I get candy from strangers.  Not quite the discipline I’m aiming for.

CherryBlossoms 039 CherryBlossoms 040 

View from the 63rd floor of the observation tower at the highest building in Korea.

CherryBlossoms 055

the kids were mesmerized by how small the people and cars looked.

CherryBlossoms 061

The mighty Han river.  So magnificent.  We cross it every day going to work.

CherryBlossoms 062

Friday, April 16, 2010

What’s his is hers and what’s hers is his in the world of twins.

CherryBlossoms 073

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life in Seoul!

First we had to have a going away party.  Wii can dance!

Korea 007

Korea 008 Much to my delight the blog is still here!  So, here goes.  We had a nice flight, but didn’t like the 2 hour delay in S.F.

Korea 077

First home in Gangnam was the MChereville.  Jonathon and I loved the location but when Cameron spend the afternoon picking up business cards on the street of ….ah, not sure, probably girls at your service, we decided it was not quite the neighborhood we should be hanging out in.

Korea 078

But Jasmine was happy to learn how to iron.  Pretend ironing fortunately. But, as you can also see, we were a bit cramped.

 Korea 080

But Jasmine found snakes on TV so she was delighted with the place.

Korea 084

This one’s for you Holly.

Korea 089

So we moved to Digital Media City.  I’m sure you’ve never heard of this city before, but you will in 5 years. They are currently building the 2nd tallest building in the world with the worlds tallest observation platform.  133 stories.  We do like our new diggs though.  Much more spacious.

Korea 099 

The beds might as well be cinder blocks though.  So hard.  I don’t mind but Jonathon doesn’t care for them.  The following is heated.  The floors, the towel racks and the toilets.  Between that and hot flashes, I pretty much keep the windows open 24/7.

Korea 103

Oh we had our learning curves.  Yes this washer is all in Korean.

Korea 109

And the microwave, dishwasher, ac, lights, etc.. But I do feel like I live in The Jetson’s house.  Everything is electronic and very high tech.  Even the toilet beeps every time it’s sat on.  For the first week, I kept thinking it was the doorbell.

Korea 112

I’ll split this up so it doesn’t take forever downloading the link.

Oh blogger, are you still working?