Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A hot spring day

One hot spring day to tease us. Now it's back to clouds and rain. But the one day was so much fun! Now any time the sun comes out Cameron wants to turn on the sprinklers, even though it's 50 degrees.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday

Jasmine is still recovering. She's still in bad shape. I did get one picture of Easter dinner at our friends house. Now Cameron's sick. Winters are just too long.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Eve, A Firetruck,The Easter Bunny and an ambulance

Time to color East Eggs!

Now it's time to find them!

Cameron was wondering if the Easter Bunny left any in the toilet.

Depoe Bay had a fantastic Easter Egg hunt. The Easter Bunny hid 5000 Easter Eggs and showed up in a fire truck!! Look closely and you'll see him in the passenger seat.

Look at the guy in the picture'll hear about him later.

That was fun, but time to play!

Like the Princess, Jasmine wasn't too wowed, until the Easter Bunny pulled out lollypops!! Although she wasn't feeling so good.

Cameron was impressed too, but only after The Easter Bunny whipped out the lollypops.

And as far as the Ambulance, well, that happened at 4:30 am on Easter Sunday when Jasmine was in a really bad ashtnma attack and I ran out of albuteral. After calling 911, the man next to the fire truck in the picture above showed up, who called the parametics after realizing Jasmine was in rough shape. The parametics arrived and hauled Jasmine off to the hospital in an ambulance. She's ok now and slowly recovering.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Depoe Bay

We searched and searched for whales, but only found starfish, urchins, anemonie and crabs. But we still had a great time, but poor Jasmine got sick again with .....the usual. Asthma related illnesses. Poor thing. It always worries me so much as I never know if it will end with pnemonia and hospitalized.

Before we left, we had fantastic weather in Portland and celebrated outside.

Just in time for low tide and the tide pools at Yaquina Bay.

Yea, these little crabs were scary at first, but they did just tickle your hand.

Hellow Mr. Crab.

Jasmine was on the scared side. She was afraid of the tide and later in the day had a fever.

Yaquina lighthouse! A beauty.

Off to Glendeden Beach. Sunny, warm and sandstone just breakng apart.

Ah, another beautiful sunset at Depoe Bay!