Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sailing in Anacortes

Sailing 009 We had our first sail boat ride with Eric and Sandi.  They were pretty excited and did great.

First we went for a hike.Sailing 013

Sailing 014

The view was great!

Sailing 015

We reached the top of the point and burned up some energy before setting sail.

Sailing 020

Sailing 026

Sailing 027

Sailing 031Sailing 054 Sailing 039

Sailing 060

Sailing 063 Sailing 058

Sailing 066 Sailing 075 Sailing 072 Sailing 073 Sailing 079

Off to breakfast we go.

Sailing 107

Sailing 108

Sailing 111

Sailing 116

The beds were so comfy and a great play area for the kids.

Sailing 122

Sailing 136

Sailing 139

This was up in Anacortes Washington.  What a great trip!

Sailing 147

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The weekend.

Sunday morning playdoh.

Arty Party 122

Saturday night party at Cole’s housewarming.

Arty Party 103

They were hoping to find a snake, no snakes but grasshoppers were fun!

Arty Party 096

Off to the zoo.  Jamsine didn’t mind taking the shuttle bus. 

Arty Party 077

 Arty Party 068 Arty Party 070

Here’s Chinook.

Arty Party 067

Arty Party 059 

Cameron is still as charming as ever.

Arty Party 054 Arty Party 055

Cameron continues his eye therapy.

Arty Party 001 

A little sense of Daddy humor helps him along the way.

Arty Party Birthday Party


Mason’s Birthday Party.  2 hours of art fun!  Jasmine especially loved painting.

Arty Party 016

Arty Party 014  Arty Party 008 Arty Party 013

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cousin Travis is swinging by !!


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer time at Holly’s Pool. And a cute kitten photo.

PoolParty 044 PoolParty 043

PoolParty 045PoolParty 037

PoolParty 029

PoolParty 021PoolParty 024PoolParty 007