Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hi Mommy!

Hey Cameron, how many days will Mommy be gone?

Don't worry, we're having fun. Weather is great, so Cameron filled up the pool..

..and we had a little party!

Miss you and see you soon!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hi cousin Travis!

Aunt Michelle said you wanted to see some videos, so here you go.

First one is Daddy trying to get the kids to say "Happy Mother's Day". Yeah, good luck, Daddy!
Happy Mother's Day

Second one is Jasmine taking care of her brother.
Potty Trainer

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lipstick, whales, sea snakes, crabs and caves

Some people have to lock up their gun cabinet. I need to lock up my lipstick case!!!

We spent our anniversary in Depoe Bay. But we spent the day with Liz, Elliot and Noah while daddy worked. He eventually found us. We had a thrilling day on a zodiac in search of Gray Whales. We found one! Cameron was not so sure about being in the wide ocean, but Jasmine adapted to it and really loved the experience. They learned all about whales, murres and comorants. We had a great tour guide who's studing her PhD and takes folks out to see whales while she studies them. What a fun day!

Off to find seasnakes. A.K.A. bullwhip kelp.

Time to clean that sand off!

Off to the tide pools. Nice crab!

Historical Yaquina Lighthouse in the background.

We found a cave!

How strong is kelp anyway?

Hello mr. octapus.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sleeping beauty

We attened Elliot and Noah's birthday party at the Children's Museum. Actually, it was great having the whole place for the birthday party. When we arrived, Jasmine was a bit tired so took a nap in the alligator!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Puppets and flasks

Fun with puppets!

Ah Cameron....Whatcha drinking in there?

Jasmine found my wetsuit

And immediatly had to try it on and asked Cameron to help her put it on. When we went canoeing in Sunriver, she pretty much yanked the paddle out of my hands and insisted on paddling. That's my girl!!

The girl kitty

Randi's know as the girl kitty in our house. Randi puts up with Jasmine's mothering ways. Jasmine will lock all the doors to make sure Randi can't escape.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunriver Continued

Finally getting some time to post the rest of our vacation!

Daddy went to Crater Lake and finally got to see it! It was smokey from some wildfires. Cameron was at the ER the night before because he had about 20 mysterious red dots on the back of his throat. We had never seen anything like that, so off to the Er we went. It was a virus, but since we had a houseful of kids, we didn't want to take any chances! So the rest of us stayed home and we painted our toenails. Poor Cameron spends so much time with his little girlie friends that he thinks it's normal to paint his toenails pink! Yes, they are still pink.

Celebrating Nathan's 1st birthday!

The lava fields of Bend.

Hiking to the Deschutes River


The best part of Sunriver is the 30 miles of bike paths. They really enjoyed riding the Burley, especially to the river every evening to throw rocks on the river.

We finally got to the pool! Cameron is more of the water guy than Jasmine. He's actually starting to swim!

A fun sighting at the river.

Cameron Cameron.

Sunriver was a blast and the kids had a wonderful time with their friends.

We returned home the scenic route through Smith Rock and the Crooked River.