Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Introducing the newest member of the family

Our cousin’s Kori and Mike have a new baby!!!  We went to meet her this weekend down in Rogue River at their celebration of life ceremony.  What a beautiful baby!

Introducing Isabella Rose Forney!!!

CarmanandToddTucker 012

Ah, well, doing what babies do best!

A\CarmanandToddTucker 017

CarmanandToddTucker 018

CarmanandToddTucker 015

Meanwhile, Jasmine found her own baby to hold.  A little 3 week old puppy.

CarmanandToddTucker 019

Cameron was so excited to explore Aunt Carman and Uncle Todd’s yard that he got up, locked us in the kitchen and escaped down the staircase so he could play outside.  Yes, this was after we said “no, you can’t got outside yet, no one is awake yet”.  So there we were knocking on the door, only to discover he was long gone!

CarmanandToddTucker 010 CarmanandToddTucker 007 CarmanandToddTucker 005

Cousin Taylor on the far right.

CarmanandToddTucker 008

Here’s the Tucker Clan!!!

hCarmanandToddTucker 022

The B52’s!

We got away for a fun date night and caught the B52’s.  So, here we are at a concert Oregonian style.

1st step, wait in line for an hour to get a good seat.  Darn, forgot the umbrella.B52s 007

Meanwhile, the downpour arrives.

B52s 006

Hello mr. eagle.  You like the B-52’s too?

B52s 016

Only in Oregon.  I love the comic “you want the best sunscreen?  Here’s a ticket to Oregon”.  So true.

B52s 010

Alright Fred, make it worth our wild!

B52s 022

Meanwhile, we scored a nice covered spot with a great view!

B52s 028

Ah, nice and dry!

B52s 017

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We had a fabulous time!  I’m trying out a new blog software.  So far I like it and so you will see more pictures now as it’s so much faster.

The pictures are from our camping trip at Nehalem Bay.  First time camping for Cam and Jaz, plus their 4 other friends Lorelei, Natalie, Katie and Nathin.  Cannon Beach was having it’s sand castle days and there were incredible sand castles being built.  Then the next day we just played on the beach and in the sand dunes.

The only wicked bummer about the trip is Cameron got Pnemonia and is going to have to  take some time to recover from that now.  Plus we are all sick with the freaking crud now and we all feel lousy.
Nehalem Bay 061 

Nehalem Bay 041Nehalem Bay 106 Nehalem Bay 095 Nehalem Bay 094

Jasmine had more fun playing with this dog.

Nehalem Bay 092 Nehalem Bay 093  Nehalem Bay 091 Nehalem Bay 062 Sand Castle Days at Cannon Beach.

Nehalem Bay 057 Nehalem Bay 054 Nehalem Bay 038 Nehalem Bay 046 Nehalem Bay 084 Nehalem Bay 010


My little princess

Nehalem Bay 003

And my little bug lover.  Mr. Millipede

Nehalem Bay 108 Nehalem Bay 107 Nehalem Bay 104

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Smith Rock

Smith Rock is in the middle of the high desert. Climbers paradise, and Jasmine's favorite critter land. Bull snakes, rattle snakes and scorpians. We saw two out of the three. She was really bummed she didn't see a rattle snake.

Snake and scorpion hunting is really hard!

More Eagle Crest

We took a hike to the Deschuetes river. Goofed around in the room, and cleaned up real nice.

One man's obsession is another man's museum

Peterson Rock Museum. This guy had an obsession with building things with rocks.
Well, after he died, they turned it into a Museum. well, it was an interesting afternoon seeing what an obsessed man can build with rocks.