Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Time to go home now

Here's Jazzy all ready to head home. They did very well on their big adventure to Massachusetts. They were real troopers and travelled very well. The next big trip is to Colorado for Thanksgiving. Jasmine in her last carseat ride! She's outgrown it and now we have new car seats waiting to test out today! I think I'll take them to the children's museum for the big break in of the car seats! Check back soon.

To the Cemetary we go!

We went to visit their great grandparents Memere and Pepere. Jasmine did a good job learning how to crawl on the nice grass there. I'm sure Memere and Pepere were very happy to know Jasmine and Cameron were crawling on their grave!

Another day getting ready to head to the city again!

Jasmine and Cameron's new favorite toy of the day!

Their Uncle Louie and Auntie Diane babysat while I went back to the city.

Saw my friend Marc, Sharon and Romeo!

Then headed downtown to see my friend Dan! If you know your Boston history, this is the sight of the Boston Massacre.

Then off to an Irish Pub!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

25th High School Reunion Time!

Wow, what a fun night! Lori came up from the cape to visit for a few days.

Here's my friend Maura. She and I moved to Maine together right out of high school.

Nature day

Cameron and Jasmine had a play date with my friend Steve and Kathy's children. We spent the day in the woods. And, found some horses to feed.

Cousin Travis said how cool it was to not look up at cousins for a change! But to be looked up too.

Our trip to Boston

Here we are on the subway heading for Boston and the New England Aquarium.

They loved trying to 'catch' the fish!

Jasmine and Cameron practicing their crawl.

Ok, well, Cameron's practicing his cute smile

And that was our big trip to Boston! Time to leave now.

We're back!

We had a good trip. Cameron and Jasmine did really well on the long flight to and from. But they cried and cried the first night because they were tired and jetlagged. So the next day, we took them to the beach house! Diane and Dwight have 75 acres of land and a big house in the mountains. They built a beach house and a cabin is in the works. We took them to the beach house and here's one day of their big adventure. More to follow, but I thought I'd get started. I need to scoot to work, but here's one day of their trip hanging at the beach house!

Look at all the sand they imported!

Here's their Auntie Diane!

Meet their cousin Travis!

Jasmine can pull herself up now!

This is our first day! More to follow soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Off to Massachusetts

Elodie, Jasmine, Cameron and I are off to Massachusetts to see my family! I'll post pictures if I can, but if not, see you when I get back!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

They're never too young to start...

Our little geekette, hard at work.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Daddy calls it a lazy day....

But in the middle of the lazy day, Jasmine got her first tooth!!!

Lazy Day...

Just a lazy (hah! lazy! it's a joke cuz we have twins)... ANYway.. Just a lazy Saturday afternoon hangin' out with daddy.

The kids weren't being lazy, though. They were working hard. Look at 'em go! Click on the underlined part for the fun video!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cameron's Big Milestone

Today Cameron learned how to sit up! We've now entered that peaceful period when both kids are sitting up (and playing happily) and before either is crawling around (creating havoc), so I think we're going to enjoy this while we can.

..and another to prove the first picture wasn't a fluke..

Yaaay Cameron!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jazzy's all smiles

She now sits up on her own and seems quite happy about it. Cameron wants nothing to do with sitting up though! Well..Just Jazzy today.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Off to the mountain!

We had our company picnic up at the Mount Hood Ski Bowl today. This is a ski resort by winter and an "Adventure Park" by summer. Jasmine wasn't too thrilled about going, but Cameron was ready!

We had an adventure-filled time, too. Everybody did the alpine slide, we ate burgers and soda and potato salad and then hopped on the trampolines (quite adventurous) and Elodie even bungee jumped. Alas, this biggest adventure the little ones had was the kiddy canoeing..

Wow! They then went on to other thrilling rides such as..

The Daddymotron

The Plastic Cupsucker

The Walk Like a Big Boy Virtual Reality Experience

(such concentration!)

And, of course, the always popular Feed Me NOW! Express

It was quite a day.