Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Monday, February 28, 2005

Benign Peripheral Pulmonary Artery Stenosis

Did you know that's a long term for saying everything is just fine? Cameron and Jasmine had their two week check up today. She gained a pound and is up to 7 lbs 15 oz. He's up to 7 lbs 10 oz. The dr. detected a heart murmer, so we went to the cardiologist. They concluded he has (see title). Which basically means the valves coming out of the heart and into the tree of smaller vessels is still growing and he should be just fine.

Jonathon went back to work today and his boss informed him he's going to Milpitas next week for three days, and possibly to North Carolina the following week. Hello...I'm still on disability!! So, for all of my nice friends who have offered to help me, I'm looking for help next Tues, Wed and Thurs. Any time of the day, including a midnight feeding :). I'll even provide a nice clean guest room.

That's about all the exitement for today.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cats and babies

Our three cats are quite facinated by our new additions. Mortimer loves them, except when they cry really loud then he's a bit annoyed, but first looks at us to see if all we are ok with it all. It's cute to see how much he likes watching them. Randi, the cat who doesn't think anyone is good enough for her, loves to hang out with us in the nursery and seems to enjoy them. Simon likes to peak in the bassinet and is curious, but not sure what to do beyond that.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Babies first bath

Aunti Summer is here and she got the honors of babies first bath!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nose to nose

Cute huh!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


These post will be more exciting, I promise. But for now, they just eat, sleep and poop. This reminds me of when I fostered kittens. So it's a familiar routine. Jasmine's umbilical cord fell off. It was a funny story. Jonathon felt something hard on her back and in her clothing. It felt like plastic. We dug under all the clothing, and there it was on her back. So that means she can have her first official bath. But I'm waiting for Summer (my sister in law) to come out and give me baby bathing lessons. I hear she's a pro. My mother in law leaves tomorrow, so it's our big first challenge of getting up all night long. Without her this week, I'd probably be freaking out. But she kept things going very smoothly, while I built up my confidence.

Yesterday, I had a bad postpartum day. It started out with my car nearly dying at the Dr.'s office. It barely would start. Finally we got it started and it went straight to Toyota. Turns out I needed a new battery. Then, the mailman delivered the mail and much to our horror, nearly 1/2 the baby anouncements were returned. The post office didn't like the way the labels were put on. I had a major pity party, but Jonathon came to the rescue and fixed them. So some will be coming a little later than planned. But the worst part is I don't know who received them and who's will be returned. But in today's mail, I none came back. So maybe only those will be returned. I heard a few others had received them. Please let me know if you received yours so I can get some reassurance.

Well, time to go and try and get something done. I'm finding it's taking me about three days to get a simple task done!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My delivery story

I finally have a moment to tell you my birth story.

Many people knew this, but many did not. I developed what is medically known as PUPPS during my pregnancy. Although I hear it has a new name. Many have never heard of this. PUPPS is an abbreviation for a long Latin name I cannot even pronouce. What it is, basically is being allergic to being pregnant. I was allergic to the placenta. I noticed the beginning of week 35 that I developed a rash and an uncontrollable urge to itch. So after much research and medical confirmation, I developed this allergic reaction. By week 36 I was covered from head to toe with red bumps over my entire body, including between my toes and fingers. Fortunately, it never reached my face. I was miserable and the only way to stop the itch was to drape cold towels over my entire body. Nothing like that on a cold winter day. But it calmed me down enough to fall asleep. Nothing helped. I was even talking steroids that barely touched it. So by the time I was 36 weeks and 5 days, I went for my regular check up and the doctor noticed me crying. She asked what was wrong and I explained I could not take the itching any more, not to mention my gigantic stomach. I gained a total of 68 pounds of pregnancy weight. And it was all in my stomach. Everything else looked the same on me. But I could hardly move by this point.

So, they said off you go to the hospital! I was very scared because I really wanted to do what was best for the babies. But the doctor reminded me that I'm a part of this too.

I came home and informed Jonathon it was time! He was as nervous as I was. So we got to the hospital and they started prepping me. By 1:30 I was in the operating room. They did a spinal tap to prepare for the c-section. By the time they put the oxygen mask on my I was crying hysterically. Something about being sliced open while wide awake is just a little frightening!! Ok, a LOT. I cried during the entire operation. Jonathon had come in right before they were born. He was brave enough to peek over the tent at one point and he described it as looking like a pot roast had exploded inside of me. That's what it looked like to him.

I'll never forget as long as I live what happened next. I was still crying hyterically, and all of a sudden Dr. Watson lifted her up so I could see her over the tent. I just remember seeing the most beautiful baby in the world. She had her mouth open and her skin was bright red and her hair was gorgeous! Then I heard her cry. One minute later, Cameron was lifted so I could see him. Then my cry went from scary cry to a joyous cry. I was so happy!! Then I heard both of them crying and it was the greatest sound in the world. I remember hearing the operating team comment "these are good looking babies". It was an incredible moment.

Then they wheeled me to the recovery room and did the assessment and bathed the babies. I remember watching their eyes looking at light for the first time. I couldn't believe they were in my arms. I'd dreamed about that moment for 9 months.

My hospital stay was....well.....I don't remember much now looking back. I can only describe the pain I was in like this. The pain was greater than when I dislocated my shoulder in a class III+ river in a rock garden on the Clackamas river. Ok, you get the picture. Managing the pain became a major battle. There were a lot of people coming and going all day/night long. Checking the vitals, etc. Jonathon went home every night and opted not to sleep on the cot provided. I told him to go home and rest. I sent the babies to the nursery every night so I could rest. That turned out to be a good move so we could all rest. But one night I was hallucinating so bad I finally got brave and paged the nurse. It was weird. I kept thinking the hospital was being evacuated, then in an earthquake, then terrorist came. And all sorts of other horrible things were happening in this nightmare I was having. But I felt awake, so not sure what it was. The nurse said it was an anxiety attack. Anyway, I think it was because of the number of drugs I was taking.

I finally was released on Tuesday. The nurse discovered Cameron had a really long frenulum. It's the skin under the tongue that went to the tip of his tongue. That explained why he had trouble eating, so they snipped the skin and he's fine now. Time to pack up and go home. I was extremely glad about that. Mostly so I knew when the next pain pill was coming. I felt I could manage my pain better at home with a real schedule. And it worked.

As they were wheeling us out, I got all choked up inside and by the time I was in the car, I started crying again, because I was so happy!!!!

Enjoy the pictures and check back often!

Monday, February 21, 2005

We're 10 (days)!

Doing what we do best..

'How do people get to this clandestine Archipelago,' asked Mr. Froggy.

Gettin' in some quality Grandma time..

The whole family. I think Mortimer is doing fine with them, no?

Sunday, February 20, 2005


I'd rather be posting a picture because I think it's more interesting that reading. But Jonathon hasn't showed me how to post pictures yet. Hopefully by day's end.

Not much to report. I'm pretty much at their beck and call from 6:00 am until I flop in bed by 8 or 9. Jonathon had a very long night with the midnight feeding. Cameron was so fussy but we figured out that he outgrew his premie nipple and was getting too much air. So this am he was better. Jasmine is a doll. Only cries when her hat falls over her eyes or she needs a diaper change.

Well, I have 15 minutes of free time and would like to get a shower in :).

Friday, February 18, 2005

One week old

Cameron and Jasmine have been good babies in their first week of existence. They hardly ever cry. They are adhering to a strict schedule and fortunately, it's working. Our routine is pretty consistent. They eat at 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, 9, etc... round the clock! He's eating much better and gained 3 ounces since my release on Tuesday. I guess it was never mentioned in the bog, but I did deliver by c-section. So my recovery is very slow but am fortunate to have lots of help to get the rest I need. Speaking of rest, it's time for me to sleep! Enjoy the pictures. More to come soon.

More pictures!

Here's some more photos for our adoring fans.

Our homecoming..

Just kickin' back..

Let the fighting commence! Trying to remove my brother's ear..

Naptime for the little burritos..

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A quiet moment

I thought I'd write a quick update. We survived the night no problem. They eat every 3 hours and it takes Cameron an hour to eat, but Jasmine only 15 minutes. Jonathon did the midnight feeding, Mom did the 3:00 am feeding, Jonathon did the 6:00 am feeding and I just slept through it all! But I need a lot of rest now so I can recover. I'm in a little less pain. At least I can get out of a chair under 5 minutes. That's a big accomplishment. I didn't sleep well though because I watched Mortimer most of the night. I was afaid he'd jump in the bassinett. He sat on the bed and stretched his neck as far as he could to keep an eye on them. Simon was just thrilled that I could sleep on my back again so he could sit on top of me.

Jasmine and Cameron are very well bahaved. They hardly cry at all. But Cameron is a fussy eater and so we're having to experiment with bottles. Jasmine just gobbles up food like a champ. Tomorrow we go for a weigh in and check up.

I'm off to take a nap now.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

We're home!

I finally got home today (tuesday). I was in the hospital for 5 days. I'm absolutely exhausted. Fortunately, my mother in law is here to help out and Jonathon is a huge help. I am so sore and it's hard for me to stand up. I can't even get out of bed without help. So let the healing begin. Jasmine and Cameron are fine. She eats like a champ, but he's a big challenge to feed. It takes an hour to do the feeding, and they have to eat every 3 hours. So, off to bed now and will write more tomorrow.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Two days old!

They're amazing. Very well behaved and quiet (I've been told this will change), healthy and alert. They sleep a lot, which is good for Mom, because she gets to do the same and she's regaining her strength every day. So far they've passed every test that's been thrown at them. Hearing tests, blood sugar tests, the "car seat challenge", not to mention the "oh my god what the hell just came outta the back of them!" test. Jasmine is the eater. She'll suck down a bottle in no time flat. Cameron is the lazy one (my son!) and takes a lot more prodding and time to get food into. Should be home tomorrow or the next day, depending on how things go. Grandma is coming out tomorrow and we can't wait to show them off and ask what the hell we're supposed to do now. Here's some more pictures!

Proud mama and the bebes asleep as usual.

Sweet little Jasmine.

Handsome Cameron.

Well, that's been an hour's rest for me. Time to go wake 'em up and feed 'em.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hello world!

Surprise surprise! Yesterday morning, Michelle went in for an early morning appointment (this is Jonathon typing, by the way) and the doctor told her "You're ready!" This was a bit of a shock to both of us considering we were both expecting at least another week of prep time. No dice.

So, yesterday afternoon, my son and daughter were brought into this world and well, they're perfect!

Jasmine Mercedes White was first, born at 2:01pm. She was 6 lbs 13 oz and 18" long.

Cameron Alexander White was next, born at 2:02pm. He was 7 lbs oz and 19" long.

They're both pink with reddish blonde hair and blue eyes. Very healthy, observant and healthy eaters, too.

Michelle is doing great, too. She's getting lots of rest and she's happy, relieved and proud. As am I.

More pictures soon!