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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Discovering Bukchon

Bukchon: A Hanok Community for the 21st Century.  Where Tradition and modernity Meet.  The Evolving Hanok Residences in Bukchon. 

ChildrensDay 015 ChildrensDay 017


I love the workout places along the way  Here’s MJ’s sister’s daughters and Sunjin.  Jasmine sure laughed a lot on this day.

ChildrensDay 027 

MJ’s daughter Sunjin!  Soo good at the hoola hoop!

ChildrensDay 029

And so is her daddy ES. And he got out the really big hoola hoop!  So impressive ; )

ChildrensDay 028

time to work out!

ChildrensDay 030

Ah, time for a rest!!ChildrensDay 019


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