Cameron and Jasmine are here!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sokcho Beach

 DMCVille 190

DMCVille 191 DMCVille 192

Jasmine and her dogs.

DMCVille 193

A fun little shuttle boat.  Manpower and a cable. 

DMCVille 198 DMCVille 201

ah finally Jaz gets her octopus!!

DMCVille 204

And now she’s hugging her dried squid that I finally gave in and bought.

DMCVille 205

And did she love it!  First you have to heat it up.  And does it STINK up the house!DMCVille 208

Then devour yummulicous squid.

.DMCVille 210

 DMCVille 211

Meanwhile, the only thing Cameron will eat here is rice.

Sweet love birds!

JSeoul 187

What’s for dinner? Well, we could have some blowfish.

JSeoul 041 

Or smorgesborge of whatever this is.

JSeoul 042

Sea urchin, crab or clams anyone?

JSeoul 040

Jasmine will just munch on a bag of tiny fish.

JSeoul 031

Or perhaps some octopus legs?

JSeoul 061

Seaweed perhaps?

JSeoul 066

Or how about stingray?

JSeoul 062

Ok, I know, how about some big gian worms?  You must be salivating by now!

JSeoul 063 

A nice sunset from our balcony.

DMCVille 212


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