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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The War Memorial

Jaz and Cam learned all about the armed service.  Jasmine later asked me if the soldiers were going to or from work when she’d see them on the bus.  Since my father and Jonathon’s father served in the Korean war, I explained their role when we were at the Korean War section.  She kept asking me, “Is your dad here”.  I had to explain that he was not there 500 years ago, but 60 years ago and finally found some battle ships that sort of explained dad and papa’s role in the war. 

DMCVille 063

Jasmine was so happy to find her double wing airplane.

DMCVille 067

Future Army candidate?

DMCVille 068

The “turtle boat”

DMCVille 072

The poor lad who jumped on this boat ended up with the spikes through their feet.  Jasmine was very concerned that the people who belonged on the boat would get their feet poked on the spikes when getting on the boat.

DMCVille 073

Fascinating armor in the Jeosen period.

DMCVille 076 

Depicting the refugees during the Korean War

DMCVille 093

DMCVille 094

This comes in handy when they complain about their dinner.  I keep reminding them that they could be eating fish in a can.  They pipe down after that and seem to somewhat appreciate the foot on their plate.


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